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Robotic Ocean, LLC offer Vacuum Leak Test and Nitrogen Backfill Kits. These kits allow you to apply a vacuum to your pressure vessels to check for seal integrity. This kit also allows you to fill the contents of your aluminum and plastic SeaCircuit housings with Nitrogen gas. Dry nitrogen gas reduces the risk of water condensation buildup as temperatures decreases. The condensation buildup inside subsea housings may cause damage to electronic printed circuit boards, sensors or can fog viewing windows. Corrosion may also be a concern for long term missions. These factors can degrade performance and shorten product lifespan.


Applying a vacuum to your vessel shall introduce a pressure differential between the outside atmosphere and the vessel’s internal atmosphere. If the vessel is improperly assembled or an O-ring has been compromised, the vessel will not be able to hold a vacuum which can be seen at the gauges. When left alone, the vessel’s gauge will always return to atmospheric pressure revealing a sealing problem. Replace suspect O-rings and reassemble the unit to re-test.

Vacuum Leak Test and Nitrogen Backfill Kit

  • 1 Vacuum pump (120v, oil free, atomizing, 16 lbf, 65 dB, 60 psi, 4.2 Amp, 1/8 HP)

    1 Pressure gauge (30 inches of hPa)

    1 Nitrogen storage bottle (20 cubic feet) 

    1 Nitrogen regulator and shut off/on valve (face sealed interface to endcap using 7/16-20)

     Interconnection hoses (3 feet) 

    1 O-ring lube ( 5.3 oz )

    1 Ruggedized shipping case 

    Total kit weight 61 pounds