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Endcap style, penetrator type, inner and outer diameter, the number of o-rings, depth requirements, and hole patterns for your endcaps can be handled by sending us the precise information required to meet your needs. Please email us at for more information. At Robotic Ocean, LLC, our design is to lower costs for users of our products while optimizing ease of ordering, and time to the consumer. We can also recommend materials, enclosure shapes and sealing methods that will best suit your application. We can also design and integrate a variety of accessories into your housing, including but not limited to underwater connectors and led or sight gauge port, internal/external mounting racks, and cradles. Please visit our accessories page for readily available accessories. 


Some enclosures are unique and require detailed stress analysis in order to validate their design integrity. Our previous experience and expertise combined with detail analysis and simulations allow us to predict the viability of a design and completely satisfy your custom needs. Robotic Ocean's custom enclosures provide you peace of mind and protects your valuable assets in the harshest of environments.

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