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 Robotic Ocean, LLC

Why Robotic Ocean?


Robotic Ocean's experienced engineering team has over 29 years of subsea design experience and the expertise to assist unique customer needs in a timely manner. Robotic Ocean is a San Diego privately held engineering and manufacturing company serving the subsea industry. Our mission is the stay current with technology while offering the most reliable and affordable products. We value innovation, collaboration, and the shared success of our employees, customers, suppliers, representatives, and partners. Robotic Ocean is managed by a team of creative and uniquely qualified individuals who are experts in their field.

Oceans are Harsh, not Our Prices


In the current economic climate, subsea operators are demanding a steep reduction in cost without reducing functionality or reliability. Robotic Ocean provides cost-effective and innovative solutions that meet or exceed industry standards. Robotic Ocean specializes in harsh environment technologies and is available for custom builds and harsh environment solutions.


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Meet the Founders

Chad Wiebe - Manufacturing Director


Chad Wiebe is a military veteran who has worked 20 years in the USMC/USMCR Aviation and has served in 2 combat tours (Afghanistan and Iraq). His primary MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) was aviation electrician on multiple aircraft. His secondary MOS was PMI (Primary Marksmanship Instructor) for small arms. He has over 10 years of experience in Navy’s AUUV and AUUV subsystems development as a mechanical designer, machinist, and builder. After serving in the military, Chad has found work fabricating subsea systems from sonobuoys to ballistic submarine projectiles. He is also a master diver with certificates in wrecks and deep ocean diving.

Thomas Murray - Engineering Director


Thomas Murray is an accomplished computer and mechanical engineer taking principle leads with various defense companies located in San Diego, California. His career path has led him on to work on many military subsea projects for the department of the Navy where he designed sonobuoys, full ocean depth electronics bottles, and submarine projectiles. His particular focus includes mathematical modeling, system dynamics, CFD, mechanical analysis and machine design. He graduated in 2003 with a bachelor's degree in cybernetics from UCLA, and received his master’s in mechanical engineering from SDSU in 2014.